Chwilio'r wefan

Translation Required: Road closed for £200.000 upgrade

Translation Required: Swansea Council is starting a £200,000 resurfacing project this weekend in Carmel Road, Winch Wen.


Translation Required:

The scheme starts on Saturday, May 22, and will go on for five days. It will cover more than a kilometre of road and is part of the authority's £6.6m road improvement programme planned for the coming year.

It comes as the council commits itself to investing in community road improvement schemes across the city, including more money for the popular PATCH service and its pothole repair project.

The work in Carmel Road means the road will be closed in sections and diversions put in place, though there will be priority access for emergency services.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet member for environment enhancement and infrastructure management said: "Over the last five months or so we've carried out more than 20 community road resurfacing projects and filled in hundreds of potholes.

"We want to apologise for any temporary inconvenience to residents and users of Carmel Road. But when the work is completed, they will feel the benefits for years to come."

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