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Translation Required: Council pledges support for business

Translation Required: SWANSEA Council is pledging to do all it can to support local businesses as much as possible in the countdown to Christmas.


Translation Required:

Following First Minister Mark Drakeford's announcement today of further restrictions for pubs, restaurants and other hospitality and indoor leisure businesses, more grants are being scheduled to help them cope.

Welsh Government finance chiefs are still working on the fine detail of arrangements and Swansea Council Leader Rob Stewart said the council will be acting quickly to help out, making the process as automated as possible for as many businesses as it can without the need for further applications.

He said: "We understand these are very challenging times for local businesses. I want to thank businesses for the incredible effort they have put in to comply with the rules so far and manage arrangements.

"The countdown to Christmas is usually the busiest time of year for many. That's why we and other local authorities are urging Welsh Government to put grant payment arrangements in place as quickly as possible to help those most affected by the new restrictions.

"Covid-19 is still with us. It is still claiming lives and it is still threatening to overwhelm our NHS. That's why the Welsh Government has had to act."

But he added: "At the same time we need to do all we can to get the grant money paid as quickly as we can to project businesses and the jobs on which our communities depend.

"As a council we have already handed out more than £110m in support from the Welsh Government to local businesses since the pandemic started. We are continuing to stand with business at this time."

Welsh Government finance officers are working with local government finance chiefs in Wales to set up grant payment systems. They will be as straightforward as possible to make it easy and quick for eligible firms to obtain the support they need.

However, discussions are on-going and it's likely the new arrangements will be in place by the weekend or early next week.

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