Chwilio'r wefan

Translation Required: Council's carbon neutral pledge

Translation Required: Swansea Council is pledging to become net carbon neutral within the next 10 years.


Translation Required:

As Wales Climate Week launches today (Monday, Nov 2) council leaders have set the authority an ambitious target to reduce its carbon footprint and offset all its remaining emissions by 2030.

The council will build on the carbon cuts achieved so far with an even greater use of renewals and further reduction in its energy consumption.

It will also review its existing plans and strategies to identify further actions for fighting climate change - and green energy and biodiversity will play an even bigger part in its procurement process.

Council leader Rob Stewart said: "We know we have to act because we will not leave the climate challenges we face today to future generations to fix.

"We have come a long way in recent years by embracing green technologies which are already reducing the council's carbon footprint.

"These are at the heart of the regeneration of our city centre and the £1.3bn Swansea Bay City Deal.

"But as a council we know there is even more that we can do and that is why we are setting this ambitious target."

Councillor Andrea Lewis, cabinet member for homes, energy and service transformation,  said: "We are building some of the most energy efficient council houses in Wales and retro-fitting others, many of the vehicles in our fleet are now hybrids or electric, our award-winning pension fund is recognised as one of the greenest funds of its kind in the UK and recently we approved plans for a substantial council-operated solar farm at the Tir John landfill site.

"Our schools are being fitted with solar panels, reducing bills and cutting carbon emissions, our 24,000 street lights have been replaced with LEDs and we are expanding our network of electric vehicle charge-points.

"There are many other measures we have taken in recent years both large and small and I am proud of what we have achieved to date but I'm also excited about what we will do in the future to become net carbon neutral by 2030."

Wales Climate Week marks the original United Nations Climate Change Conference and consists of free, digital, live broadcasts and interactive events from national and global policy makers, pioneers and innovators.



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